Football: 2016 Senior Bowl rosters announced

The PAC-10 Senior Bowl rosters were announced via the Spring-Ford Football Website Tuesday. Norristown and Upper Merion, slated to join the league in the fall of 2016, will be included in the annual game – time, date and location to be released in the coming weeks. Norristown’s Jason Powell and Pope John Paul II’s Rory Graver will be the head coaches for their respective squads, selected in an NFL-draft style format.
Team Powell
Anthony Rohrbach, Perkiomen Valley
Bill Scherfel, Owen J. Roberts
Brad Heininger, Spring-Ford
Brandon Drozda, Pottsgrove
Brandon Tinson, Pottstown
Bryce Dorsey, Spring-Ford
Bryce Weeks, Owen J. Roberts
Chris DeFrancesco, Pottsgrove
Chris Krummenacker, Owen J. Roberts
Christian Pace, Pottsgrove
Connor Mitchell, ojf
Corey Bird, Phoenixville
Dan Heller, Boyertown
Derik Cross, Norristown
Deyon Doctor, Pottsgrove
Dylan Croissette, Upper Perkiomen
Garrett Bleakley, Pottsgrove
Jacob Votta, Upper Perkiomen
Jake Adams, Pottsgrove
Jake Karpinski, Owen J. Roberts
Jeremiah Ndjali, Spring-Ford
Jimmy Zazzi, Pottstown
Khalif Sinclair, Norristown
Khalil Spriggs, Owen J. Roberts
Lamont Sanford, Norristown
Marc Moss, Upper Merion
Matt Palubinsky, Phoenixville
Matt Simes, Phoenixville
Mike Felix, Upper Perkiomen
Mike Gantert, Pottsgrove
Nick Rossi, Methacton
Owen Gulati, Spring-Ford
Rashon Wiggins, Norristown
Ricky Venuto, Spring-Ford
Ronnie Arch, Perkiomen Valley
Scott Stueben, Methacton
Sean Tatum, Spring-Ford
Steve Rice, Spring-Ford
Tim Nestor, Perkiomen Valley
Tyrell Barr, Pottsgrove
Zach Futchko, Spring-Ford
Team Graver
Aaron Morton, Perkiomen Valley
Adam Pinelli, Owen J. Roberts
Alex Nagy, Spring-Ford
Andrew Salvo, Pope John Paul II
Anthony Buehler, Owen J. Roberts
Austin Bittenbender, Upper Perkiomen
Bobby Welsh, Spring-Ford
Bryant Wise, Pottstown
Corey Davenport, Norristown
Danny Kelchner, Spring-Ford
David DeBias, Pope John Paul II
David Terry, Boyertown
Dylan Feaster, Methacton
Isaiah Graham-Mobley, Upper Merion
Jack Lindberger, Perkiomen Valley
Jared Johns-Lupold, Pope John Paul II
Jared Wheeler, Upper Merion
James Wilson, Spring-Ford
John tittle, Perkiomen Valley
Justin Grandas, Spring-Ford
Kori Smith, Upper Merion
Kyle Fleming, Methacton
Lawrence Garnett, Boyertown
Madison Kelsey, Pottsgrove
Marcus Elliott, Upper Merion
Matt Dinnocenti, ojf
Matt Duff, Pope John Paul II
Matt Rice, Spring-Ford
Mike Banks, Boyertown
Mitch Bradford, Owen J. Roberts
Noah Stribreny, Upper Merion
Q’uantel Washington, Pottstown
Ray Stewart, Owen J. Roberts
Ryan Light, Perkiomen Valley
Teddy Dylinski, Spring-Ford
Tim Rudderow, Spring-Ford
TJ Foley, Perkiomen Valley
Tony Zevallos, Upper Merion
Will Wallace, Pottsgrove
Wyatt Porter, Pottsgrove